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The Wooden Blacksmith (Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Norrington, R)

Title: The Wooden Blacksmith
Author: drbillbongo
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns the characters and porridgebird (*glomps*) owns most of the ideas as well as the title. I'm just a poor writer. Don't sue.
Pairing: Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Norrington
Rating: R for implications
Warning: This is complete and utter crack. Do not take this seriously. Do not try this at home. Read at your own peril. I deny any responsibility considering the effect this fic might have on your brain.
Summary: Elizabeth makes a life-changing purchase. (Anything more here would ruin the story, believe me.)
Word Count: 1,301
Authors' Notes: This is the product of an AIM conversation... Crack!fic - ye be warned!
Cut goes to my journal.

( Once upon a time, in the wickedest city of the world… )
Tags: elizabeth, fanfiction, norrington, objects, pirates of the caribbean, sparrow, voyeurism, will
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