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Challenge #6, August 2006: Candles

Challenge #6, August 2006: Candles
Write a drabble or a fic or create a fanart including candles. You can refer to other kinks as well, but candles are a must. How you deal with the topic (pairing, rating, etc.) is entirely your choice.
You can post your fic as soon as it's completed and you can also post it after the end of August 2006 - there is no actual deadline.
At the end of the month, I will do a post that links to all the fic and fanart that has been posted for this challenge.

Contributions to the previous challenge, "Domination":
sweetsorcery wrote "Damnation" (Hornblower; Hobbs/Wellard; NC-17) [she didn't say explicitly that the fic is supposed to belong to that challenge, but it fits, so I listed it here]

Contributions to other previous challenges:

As always, if you've written something that fits to one of the challenges that have been posted so far, please don't hesitate and post them to this community!

Also, kma requested Horatio/Simpson non-con - is anyone willing to give this plotbunny a home?
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