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Chain of Command (Norrington/Gillette, R)

Title: Chain of Command
Author: drbillbongo
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean meets Secretary
Disclaimer: I don't own the Navyboys; the big rodent does. I don't own the story either; it's Mary Gaitskill's. It's probably the best, considering what I've done. *facepalm*
Pairing: Norrington/Gillette
Rating: R
Summary: When Gillette gets transferred to the Caribbean to serve under Norrington, it doesn't quite turn out as he had expected.
Word Count: 7,917
Kinks: domination, submission, violence, abuse
Warning: This is the strangest and scariest fic I've ever written. It's based on the movie "Secretary" which deals with the sub/dom relationship between a lawyer and his secretary. I used parts of the story and put Norrington and Gillette in Mr Grey's and Lee's stead. Consider this a warning.
Author's Notes: The letter contains pieces of actual letters by Charles Dickens and Horatio Nelson. My most sincere apologies.
Written for the 50passages prompt #016. Don't look it up, if you don't want any spoilers here.
Infinite thanks to: To galadhir, without whom this fic wouldn't have been completed but thrown away, for her indefatigable help and advice; to porridgebird, with whom discussions are priceless because they're honest, not because we agree on everything; and to hms_dauntless, who spent a lot of time answering my questions when the fic was nowhere near finished. I'm indebted to you all. <3!
Cut goes to my journal.

( Chain of Command )
Tags: abuse, dominance, fanfiction, gillette, norrington, pirates of the caribbean, submission, violence
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