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Re-post: Peeping Tom

Title: Peeping Tom
Author: sweetphaex
Fandom: POTC: CotBP
Pairing: Norrington/Gillette
Disclaimer: If they were mine Lord Beckett would be wearing bunny-ears by now.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I wrote this a few years ago and drbillbongo requested that I re-posted it after it was accidently deleted, give us a yell if you can't fiddle with the tags aye ;)
Kinks: Voyerism, Masturbation
Warnings: Nobody loves me enough to endure my constant non-con abuse of the English language and thus this remains un-beta'ed to this day!

Silently, he crept down the hall jumping from puddle to puddle of darkness between the candles with every nerve on edge and every breath measured. Hand fidgeting, Gillette grabbed the edge of his coat and fiddled with the button he peered into the darkness to see what he was expecting. The door was ajar only a crack and the light from the oil lantern was seeping through like a leak in a great vacuum.

Faintly, the scratch and shift of parchment and quill could be heard pausing once in a while to dip with a ping in the well. Gillette held his breath every time the quill left the page and focused as best he could through the gap.

What he saw was Commodore Norrington, James, bent over very low in the poor light over papers so close in fact that his nose nearly scraped the parchment. Gillette knew very well that his commanding officer was loosing his near sight and always made sure that he wrote large letters in his reports but refused to make it obvious. Pride was important and Gillette wouldn’t come between that in anyway, he had objected openly when his commanding officer lost face at the escape of Sparrow and the beginning of the end of his marriage to Elizabeth. That wasn’t how he wanted to see him.

His hat and wig gone, coat abandoned James’s hair spilled over his ears and provided quite a nuisance when bent so lo to read. Gillette’s fingers itched to brush it away but he stood as still as he could and slowing his heartbeat for fear of it becoming audible. Occasionally throwing a quick side-glance to the end of the hall to see if anyone was coming but kept gazing intensely at James who’s loose white shirt was slightly transparent from sweat. Gillette was practically burning up himself and not from the fact his uniform, ever immaculate to please his Commodore but because he longed to slink in and touch him.

To rub the stress out of his shoulders and run his fingers through his hair, to tell him to save his eye sight and let him do the paperwork. To console and kiss in the way God has forbidden. Gillette’s face felt hot and a long trickle of sweat itched down his face and that feeling of lead heavy longing built up in his heart he bit his tongue and watched his long slender fingers flex in the light and wipe his eyes. Many people feared his green eyes, for green eyes were said to be bad luck and the native people thought him a demon but Gillette thought them a gentle port in a storm. They stared right back at him and every voyeuristic cell in his body was alert and sizzling.
Does he see?

Gillette dug his nails into his fist and held his breath.

He looked away and put the papers and quill away continuing as natural, Gillette had not been seen.

An icy sense of relief flowed through his body but he realized that his groin was burning with desire and it was becoming more than he could stand. Gritting his teeth he focused through the door to see that James had walked over to the cot in his office for when he couldn’t be bothered going to his quarters. He lay down limply on the scratchy sheets and let a soft moan of relaxation.

Every tiny, heat-laced breath Gillette swore he would be heard but with every paranoid thought the metamorphed into guilty fantasies of being caught. James slowly peeled of his shirt as he lay, heel dug into the mattress and stomach taught he flicked the shirt on the floor next to him as the sticky cool Caribbean breeze blew through an open window. He could almost taste the salt in the air mingled with the soft musky perfume of his beloved stranger.

Gillette had watched him sleep before and once even game enough to slink into the room and be inches away from him but tonight he didn’t feel that brave. James’ hand lingered on his stomach and scratched the small trail of hair that grew there and slowly moved to the edge of his breeches.

Biting his lip till he could taste the blood Gillette stood awestruck. He felt his knees almost cave in on themselves because he had never had the pleasure of James touch himself before.

Feeling his eyeballs burn from being open so wide for so long he blinked as little as he could to forever burn this into his mind. James’s hand slowly, lazily slipping under his breeches and oh so casually touching himself he shimmied his breeches off as he lay almost teasingly, Gillette who only wished he could run in there and rip them off quickly.

In the fading light he could see James’ cock stiffened against his hand his eyes half lidded and head thrown back he hummed a self satisfied moan to himself legs squirming and slightly bound by the half removed breeches. He stroked himself in long, rough touches with one hand whist the other lay on a nipple that was squeezed between fingers. Gillette’s mouth watered but he simply swallowed hard and willed his body to be quite.

His hips bucked up mouth was open and eyes firmly shut James didn’t torture his frustrations any more and came swiftly but in a manner that seemed almost comfortable not knowing that one of his own men also came a few short paces away. Sated, he wiggled under the covers and drifted to sleep easily whist outside Gillette fell to the ground and leaned up against the wall with his face desperately red and exhausted. He slowly gathered himself up as a mixture of longing and guilty satisfaction at having seen what he had he walked away from the door and slinked through the very early morning shade. Guilty and a little ashamed that only at night he could see what he wished and in a few hours time slap up the pageant of respect and admiration where there really is desire and adoration.

Back at the barracks he cleaned up for another day and during that time Gillette mused. There is no such thing, as the perfect crime for all his curiosity seems to drive him deeper into despair for all that cannot be his but in a strange way it is perfect because no one else sees what he sees.
And in that small way, James is more his than anyone else’s.

Tags: fanfiction, gillette, norrington, pirates of the caribbean, voyeurism, wanking
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