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Age of Sail Kink

- anything but vanilla -

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Age of Sail Kink, a livejournal community about all kinds of kink in Naval fandoms!

What we are looking for:
  • fanfiction
  • poetry
  • fanart
  • meta
  • recs
  • pictures
  • whatever else you come up with (but no Mary Sues/Marty Stus, please!)

What posts should include:
  • a Naval (or pirate) pairing or a reference to the age of sail
  • at least one kink (soft bondage, flagitious item abuse, snark, etc.)
  • standard information about your post (title, author/artist, fandom, pairing, rating, summary, disclaimer, kink, ...)
  • a lj-cut if you post more than one picture or a text longer than 100 words

Current challenge: Candles (August 2006)

This community is moderated by yours truly drbillbongo and I'm planning to archive all posts. If you want to help me, you're gladly invited to send me an e-mail. :)

And now, let's violate Article 29, shall we?

18th century british navy, adultery, age of sail, anal sex, archie kennedy, article 29, artillery, being pinned down, bisexuality, blackpowder, bloodplay, bondage, bookverse, breathplay, breeches, buckland, buggery, candles, cannons, canon slash, captain jack aubrey, captain jack sparrow, clayton, commodore norrington, cots, crack!fic, cravats, creativity, crossover fics, dominance, domination, dr. stephen maturin, edrington, erotic fiction, erotic writing, exhibitionism, explicit sex stories, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasies, flagitious wig abuse, flogging, foodplay, forbidden partners, frigates, friggin' in the riggin', gillette, groves, gunnery, het, historical fanfiction, history, hms, horatio hornblower, hornblower, jack aubrey, jack simpson, jack sparrow, kink, kinky sex, lieutenant gillette, lieutenant groves, lt bush, lt. bush, major cotard, major edrington, maritime history, master & commander, master and commander, masturbation, meta, monkey island, napoleonic wars, naval history, naval threesomes, naval uniforms, navy, nc-17, nelson's navy, non-con, obedience, pellew, pie, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, polyamoury, potc, power dynamics, power play, recs, rigging, role-playing, ropes, rum, sailing, servitude, ship slash, ships, shore leave, sir edward pellew, slash, snarkfests, soft bondage, spanking, stephen maturin, stockings, submission, suspenders, talking dirty, tall ships, tom pullings, uniforms, voyeurism, wallsex, wellard, wigs, william bush, writing